American Standard

by Steel Eagle

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released December 11, 2013

Written and Performed by Steel Eagle

Johnny Crowbar - Vocals, Bass
Ricky Venom - Lead Guitar
Marty DeLorean - Rhythm Guitar
Dastardly "Jeff" Dastardly - Drums

Evil Laughter on "American Standard" performed by the Brokenwire Creepy Giggling Laughter Choir.

Recorded at Brokenwire Studios ( September 2013

Mixed by Danny Rendo of Deconbrio (

Album Artwork by Tim Sparvero (

Logo Artwork by Aaron Littleton (

A Special Thanks to Aaron Wallace and Brokenwire for helping set this up!



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Powerklaw Knoxville, Tennessee

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Track Name: American Standard
Wake up the worker drones, bring in the day,
Promise no vacation and cut their pay!
Working Nine to Five drinking the piss
They go to bed wishing they didn't exist!

Oh yeah.

American Standards

Corporate America's indentured servitude
We work our ass off for a positive job review!
Watch ‘em waste our savings for their own stead
We'll have nothing left by the time we’re dead!

But that's okay! Big boss lives the dream!
Push over the weak just to rack in the green.
Could’ve made a difference but the system's a keeper!
Shove the gun up their ass and pull the trigger!

American Standards!
It's what you take!
American Standards!

Hey everyone, look the other way!
As we get spied on by the NSA
We're only looking out for terrorists,
But you can get away with murder if you're a racist!

Punish the educated for being so smart!
And lasso the dumb with "the New Hit Sitcom Block!"(tm)*
Send the signal out to a salivating nation.
F-U-C-K Y-O-U, text it to the stations!

American Standards!
It's what you hate!
American Standards!


You want to be heard? Get off your ass!
The nation can change with your cries and unrest
Your opinion persists well beyond the net,
Let’s rise above the noise and take effect.

It's still “We the People”, right? You better believe!
Only you can help yourself, open you eyes and see.
We know the way, we know the solution,
Make our conjoined screams become the revolution!

American Standards!
It's what you make of it!
American Standards!


Track Name: We Got Kicked Out of Olive Garden Because We Showed Our Dicks